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How to Determine If Your Invention Is Profitably Marketable
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Jim White
Marketing help for inventors and small businesses. James E. White & Assoc.
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For the most important patent law change that took place in 2013 see "First Inventor to File". For a more complete look at all the 2011 U.S. patent law changes see Summary of Leahy-Smith America Invents Act (PDF) and the USPTO's America Invents Act At A Glance (PDF) as well as surrounding USPTO AIA Implementation information.


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Thanks for visiting this web site. If you are an inventor and want to know how the majority of inventors achieve success, this site will tell you. Unfortunately, I'll tell you up front, if you're lazy and looking to find "the easy way" or someone else to make you rich from your idea you won't find any info on those games here. Certainly for 1 idea out of 100,000 easy riches might happen, it might even be yours, but it's a really bad bet.

In fact you'll likely be able to easily find a dozen firms that will delightedly tell you that your idea is that 1 in 100,000—but they'll ask you to bet $600-$1,200 (which you pay them) on your idea first. Their report will confirm YOUR belief that your product is that 1 of 100,000—and they'll ask you to bet from $5,000-$25,000 (which you pay them again) to try to get a manufacturer licensee. They'll "try" alright—but not so hard they risk wasting all that money you put in their pocket. Their goal, of course, is to take advantage of your naivete and blind love for your idea and keep that money for themselves. They collect some $200-300 million a year.

If we have caught your interest, but you don't like reading many screens of text there is an easy way to get an abbreviated (~50K characters) text version of this site e-mailed to you all in one bunch for easy printing. Enter the e-mail address you want the text sent to into the box below and click the "AutoRespond" button.

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If you are looking for information on how to get the patent ASAP then this site is exactly for you. Spending 1-2 hours reading the material here will very likely save you thousands of dollars in patenting expenses. This site tells you about patent secrets that many patent attorneys don't want you to know. They don't want you to know because they collect about $300,000 in fees from inventors for every $6,000 valuable patent they actually get for a client. They certainly don't want that easy money spigot to go cold on them because they'd lose out on $350 million a year just from independent inventors alone.

Licensing Ideas

If you are looking for how to license invention ideas then this site is for you. It will tell you how successful inventors usually go about it. Ideas, per se, are rarely licensed because the risks are just too high. What if a patent already covers the invention and the licensee infringes that inventor's patent? What if the idea really doesn't work to your expectations? What if there are already better solutions to the problem on the market? Licensing occurs most often after the inventor has started working through the steps presented in this web site—very often not until after the inventor gets the product on the market and proves it will sell.

By now you get the picture, this site and the book it pushes for $24.95 plus $5.75 shipping—with a 100% money back guarantee—[click to order] are here to help inventors get started in the right direction. It can't, of course, actually help you in that regard without your cooperation. Conservatively estimated it took over $200,000 of my time to research and write the book, not counting trials and tribulations of life experience, and you can get it for a mere $29.95. If you don't have the time (1-2 hours) now to methodically read through this material consider bookmarking this site or adding it to your favorites list. If you have only a couple minutes for reading now you might start with the "Patent Myths" page (see upper right corner of this page) and the pages you find on the menu there.

If you have more time you can start by clicking the "Next" label on the bottom menu bar below and proceeding through the material. The web site only contains about one twentieth of the material in the book and its appendices. With the book you can save yourself some valuable time and skip looking at the many web pages of misinformation that abound about inventing on the web. With the information in the book you'll KNOW why sites that offer "first to file" forms and other such nonsense for exorbitant prices (as high as $395) are rip-offs. You'll also save yourself tremendous expenses getting worthless patents or doing worthless prototypes. [click to order]

Good luck and welcome to the world of business, inventor!

$ecrets of Millionaire Inventors

The following web pages are excerpts from the book Will It Sell?... and have been re-titled as this free report. If you are hoping to find the secret to presenting your idea to somebody who will secure a licensee to make your product and handsomely reward your ingenuity with royalties you won't find it here. Less than 0.5% for sure and very likely less than 0.1% of all new inventors succeed that way. In fact, new inventors give about $300 million annually to "invention promotion" scams that promise to "try" to help them succeed that way. More than 75% of the new inventors who do succeed do so by venturing using a process similar to that described here. These pages include the gist of the secrets many multi-millionaire inventors have used to become wealthy without ever getting a patent or relying on third parties to accomplish all the work.


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